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Darren's Latest Creations

From time to time we will feature Darren's latest pieces, suites or complete kitchens here for you to keep track of how Darren is developing both his creativity and business. Please remember that Darren creates bespoke furniture and so you will not see anything like this anywhere else:


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Commemorative Chair April 2014

Bespoke mahogany chair to match clients existing furniture and to remember a missed loved one. This chair will last hundreds of years and will be handed down from grandparents to parents and grandchildren, an excellent way for a missed one's memory to be kept alive for years to come. The chair is made from the very best mahogany and features adzed seat, inlaid cross to back, sculptured front legs and rakish back legs integral back inlaid backrest. This section shows a selection of the photoshoot and the entire photoshoot can be seen by following the link below:


View the entire photoshoot from the archive as a pdf


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